Bently Ranch

Sustainable Crops
Developed to Local Ecology

Our Farm

Our farm produces nutrient-rich crops like alfalfa and wheat. We carefully control the quality, and sell the hay to regional farms and ranches, minimizing the impact of our operations.

In 2013, Bently Ranch began growing small grains like rye and oats for our sister company Bently Heritage Estate Distillery, located in Minden, Nevada.

We involve the local community by accepting bio mass, which we turn into compost to use at the Ranch. This waste from homes, businesses, and construction sites is diverted from landfills, to help replenish our land.

Bently Ranch sprinkler pivots in the rye field


Our farm produces nutritionally dense dairy-test hay, selling it to farms in the region. We rotate alfalfa and wheat hay crops, using the high-quality wheat hay for our own cows. Additionally, we produce alfalfa and alfalfa/grass mix horse hay that is used by our cowboys’ ranch horses and sold locally.

For more information on local hay availability, please contact the Ranch Office, 775.782.4513, or contact us

Bently Ranch alfalfa cutting