Bently Ranch

Sustainable Traditions
of the Old West

Welcome to Bently Ranch

The original Bently Ranch cowherd was established in 1997 to compete with any cowherd in the country, without the use of growth hormones. The genetics of our Angus, Charolais and Hereford cattle means they thrive in our high desert climate, resulting in the top-of-the-line beef we are known for.

In 2012, Chris Bently instituted the grass fed beef program. This was a natural evolution, since our entire cowherd are certified Non Hormone Treated Cattle.

In 2013 the high quality, dry-aged, grass fed beef became available to the public. The initial limited supply was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. We knew we had a special product.

Today, Bently Ranch remains a local business where every part of our operation is dedicated to producing the West’s best grass fed beef.

Experience beef that can only be described as a cut above!

Bently Ranch in Carson Valley, NV
Bently Ranch rye and silos