Bently Ranch

A Cut Above

Good Beef Should Never Change

Cattle ranching is one of the West’s storied institutions. We don’t just take the best techniques from these traditions, we incorporate them with innovative techniques to create beef that will change your life.

Raised the Right Way

We’re proud of the lives our cattle live. Bently beef is grass centered and finished, GMO free, certified hormone free, certified natural, and GAP Step 4 certified.

We raise a mix Angus, Hereford, and Charolais cattle — this breed strengthens the calves’ quality of life and adaptability, while helping the local ecosystem itself.

Angus and Hereford are famous for their maternal instincts, while Charolais are a bit leaner than standard breeds. The result is excellent mothers who produce a quality cuts that you don’t have to trim a lot of fat from. This breed has another important benefit: it’s well-adapted to high desert plains, thriving on fewer natural resources than other cattle — the perfect fit for our unique ecosystem.

Pasture management plays a vital part in the quality of our cattle, and we move herds fresh grounds as needed. This maintains the health of the land — and the beef.

Cowboys play a vital role in the daily lives of our cattle. We introduce ourselves early on, making sure that every calf is comfortable and happy living near humans.

Our cows are harvested by a USDA-inspected facility that follows all regulations, ensuring humane treatment. We use Wolf Pack Meats because their quality control is second to none and we prefer to support local businesses.

About the GAP Program

The GAP program, managed by the Global Animal Partnership, consists of a series of benchmarks that measure the humane treatment of animals; each of its five steps is more stringent than the last. Level 4 ensures the cattle always have plenty of space to roam, that their environment is enriched with all the things they’d would experience in the wild, and that they are removed from pasture only when weather conditions put them at risk.

Succulent grass fed, dry aged hamburger patty
Tender, juicy, grass fed, dry aged New York steak