Bently Ranch

New West Tradition.
Old West Values.

Green Practices

Our commitment to the quality of life in Carson Valley, Nevada means that we promote a sustainable ranching model by using renewable energy, supporting the local community, and conserving resources.

Tractor driving through a field
Water spraying from a sprinkler pivot

We keep our community vibrant and healthy

Our commitment to the quality of life in Carson Valley means that we give back to our community. For example, the Buckeye Creek realignment project addressed flood threats that posed minimal danger to our properties, but had great potential to damage our neighbors. Keeping to our philosophy of protecting entire ecosystems and communities rather than merely our own interests, this project diverts a flood path away from a local community of farmers and into our pastures — in our opinion, it’s better for us to lose a crop than for our neighbors to lose their homes and businesses, which would irreparably damage the shape of Carson Valley.

Water is an important resource we use less of

Our ranch utilizes the effluent water from our three neighboring waste treatment facilities to irrigate our crops. This reduces the demand on local water sources, and helps us to maximize our crop output by not depending on allotted water.

Our sprinkler irrigation pivots preserve the valley’s most precious resource: water. With these pivots we are able to control the exact amount of water used so the plant receives what it needs, and nothing more.

We protect the land

We use crop rotation techniques in order to maximize our crops and ensure that our farmland is constantly improved, not depleted. Pasture management for our cow herds ensures that the pastures are naturally fertilized with manure, and allowed to regrow to sustain our herds.

The pastures grazed by our cattle are not suitable for farming crops. Instead they are perfect for raising the high quality beef we are known for. We never have more cattle than the land can sustain, because raising a large amount of animals in a small place takes a heavy toll on the environment and the cows.

We help to reduce waste

An integral ingredient of our compost are the bio solids we receive from five local waste treatment facilities. This reduces the strain on landfills, reduces the costs to local municipalities, and allows us to enrich our soil and crops.