Bently Ranch

New West Tradition.
Old West Values.

Carson Valley: A Generational Treasure

We’re proud of this land, and aim to protect its natural beauty for the next generation.

Our grains perfectly fit this pristine ecosystem. We carefully choose crops that only need to be irrigated 4-5 months out of the year, as the region often struggles with drought (especially in years when the snowpack is small). We also make sure to finish our irrigation later in the year, well before the snowmelt dries up and forces the land to use its own water reserves.

Of course, no farm operation would be complete without a compost program. We operate one of the largest compost sites in the Silver State, taking biosolids from seven different municipalities and using it as our main source of fertilizer. We compost spent grains from distilleries, such as those used by our sister company Bently Heritage, as well.

We’d like to imagine our grandchildren someday, watching the sun set over these same pristine fields and sipping a glass of whisky that was made with the grains we grew with our own hands.

Community Involvement

We give back to our home. Recently, the Buckeye Creek realignment project addressed flood threats that posed minimal danger to our properties, but had potential to damage our neighbors’. Keeping to our philosophy of protecting entire ecosystems, we diverted a flood path away from a local community of farmers and into our own pastures — in our opinion, it was better for us to lose a crop than for our neighbors to lose their homes and businesses.

Tractor driving through a field
Water spraying from a sprinkler pivot