Bently Ranch

Quality Cattle, Adapted to
the High Desert Range

Our Ranch

Ranching is one of the West’s most storied institutions, and while our philosophies evoke these traditions we also incorporate innovative cattle management techniques.

Our Angus–based cattle are bred to become the top–of–the–line beef we are known for. We breed roughly a thousand head of Angus, Hereford, and Charolais cattle, resulting in the high quality beef our customers expect.

Pasture management plays a vital part in the quality of our cattle. The herds are moved to fresh pastures as needed, in order to maintain the health of the grasses, and the resulting beef. Our cattle are allowed to grow at their natural rate, and are never fed grains to speed weight gain.

Cowboys also play a vital role in the lives of our cattle. To reduce stress on the cows, cowboys introduce themselves early on, allowing the cows to get comfortable with humans. The cowboys monitor the herds to ensure that any problems are caught quickly, reducing the need for interventions.