Cooking a roast for dinner is an amazing opportunity to have a delicious, healthy meal with minimal effort, using whatever you have in your kitchen. Another benefit to having roast instead of steak is that the roasts are usually cheaper! Slam-dunk!!

The secrets to cooking a great roast with grass fed beef are:


Always use some liquid in your Dutch oven or slow cooker. Due to the lack of saturated fat in grass fed beef, not using additional liquid could mean dry meat. Add to that the dry aging process which removes excess moisture, and you will definitely need to remember the broth or juice before cooking.

Low heat and low cooking

Using low heat over an extended period of time allows the meat to absorb the liquids, and flavors, while cooking. In other words, it won’t dry out!

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Do you have some red wine leftover from last week? Great, use it.

Did you make some broth with a beef shank? Use that instead.

Is there any garlic and onions in your produce drawer and some potatoes in the pantry? Perfect.

Heat some vegetable oil in a pan and sear the roast to lock in the juices. Put it in your slow cooker or dutch oven; add your liquids, spices, and veggies. Done.

But my grandmother made the best rump roast ever. I can't possibly cook anything else.

Well you are in for a surprise. Try a sirloin cap, or even a brisket. For kicks, give a cross rib roast a try. The only way to find out what cut you like most is to experiment.

Ok, what's the difference?

The cross rib roast is similar to a dish you have surely experienced: Prime rib. This cut would be a great way to celebrate with your loved ones.

Think of the sirloin cap as a really big sirloin steak. It’s easy to prepare, and feeds more people than a steak.

Do you enjoy roast beef sandwiches? Then you will want to try the brisket. It makes a tasty French dip!

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