At Bently Ranch we pride ourselves on the high quality and mouth watering flavor of our grass fed beef. In addition to the amazing breeds of cattle we use, a large part of the great taste of our beef is the result of the dry aging process.

Concentrated flavor, and amazingly tender meat are worth the wait.

Our grass fed beef is dry aged for three weeks, in a carefully monitored environment at Wolf Pack Meats in Reno. The temperature must remain a constant 32-34 degrees, and air must continuously circulate around the meat.

The constant air circulation results in moisture evaporation, which concentrates the flavors of the meat.

Over time, the naturally occurring enzymes break down the connective tissue making the meat far more tender than anything you can buy from a grocery store. The beef is aged in its primal form, meaning that individual cuts come after the dry aging process.

While this sounds like a fairly standard process, it isn’t. The additional processing time, meat storage, and resulting reduction in weight, mean that dry aging is quite uncommon and can be an expensive proposition.

In fact, finding dry aged beef outside of an upscale restaurant is 'rare', and finding grass fed beef that is dry aged is something really special.

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