Bently Ranch

Our Beef is a Cut Above

Our Grass Fed Beef is:

  • Dry Aged
  • Grass Fed
  • Certified Natural
  • Certified Hormone Free
  • Global Animal Partnership
    Step Level 4 by IMI Global

Pasture centered or grass fed means that the calves are born in a field, spend their lives grazing, and don’t know what it’s like to have their movement restricted. They do what cows do best: roam and forage.

Our cattle are Angus and Herford crosses, bred with Charolais bulls. They thrive in our environment, resulting in the high quality beef available to you right now in our online store, and locally through our ranch office and local partners.

Our cows are harvested by a USDA inspected facility that follows all regulations, ensuring humane treatment at slaughter. We use Wolf Pack Meats because their quality control is second to none and we prefer to support local businesses.

Our beef is dry aged for three weeks prior to packaging. Dry aging allows the flavors to develop and concentrate, releasing natural enzymes that tenderize the meat. Not only is aged beef outside upscale restaurants hard to find, but grass-fed aged beef is something really special.

The USDA grades beef based on the fat content of the cuts, or marbling. Grass fed beef has considerably less fat than conventionally raised beef, which means that the very best grass fed beef will not make a Prime rating. Bently Ranch grass fed beef is graded in the range of Choice and Select.

Succulent grass fed, dry aged hamburger patty
Tender, juicy, grass fed, dry aged New York steak