Bently Ranch

A Tradition of innovation

Our History

Bently Ranch got its start in 1997, selling cattle for the commodity market.

In 2012, Christopher Bently instituted the grass fed beef program. In 2013 the high-quality, dry-aged, Certified Natural, Certified Hormone Free, grass fed beef became available for purchase locally and online.

Christopher is moving ahead with many innovative ideas, including expanding the grass fed meat program to include a certified organic cowherd, and working to grow organic small grains for Bently Heritage, an estate distillery.

The 50,000 acres of ranch and farmland are a beautiful part of the Northern Nevada and California’s landscape. The Bently family of employees strives to care for the land entrusted to them, and its resources.

Who We Are

Christopher Bently

President & Director

As an avid environmentalist, Christopher insists on nothing less than exemplary green operating fundamentals in every one of the Bently Enterprises companies. Christopher is currently creating a fully organic and sustainable ranching practice in Nevada's beautiful Carson Valley.

His next venture is to restore a turn of the century brick mill and creamery into a hub for culture and drive the local economy without driving development.

"I see no sense in building new structures when we have beautiful historic properties left abandoned. We need a sense of tradition and worth brought back to our culture. A disposable world just won't do."

Matt McKinney

General Manager

Matt grew up on ranches in the Rocky Mountains. Attending California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo he studied Animal Science, earning an MBA in Agricultural Business. After college he worked on two of the largest seed stock ranches in California.

Joining Bently Ranch in 2001 he is able to concentrate on commercial cattle production. Leading the ranch and farm into a more holistic model, Matt and his team are learning techniques required for direct meat sales and grain growing.

Woody Worthington

Ranch Operations Manager

Woody, originally from Oregon, served for 14 years in the United States Marine Corps. He was stationed in San Diego, CA; Okinawa, Japan; and Bridgeport, CA before he and his family moved to the Carson Valley in 1995.

Woody’s training and education in operations management and logistics led him to Bently Ranch in 2006. Using his training in the trucking, mechanical, equipment, and related personnel needs of business procedures, he provides timely product delivery for Bently Ranch.

Tod Radelfinger

Cattle & Compost Division Supervisor

Tod graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a BS in Animal Science. Since childhood he has had a passion for cattle, horses and agriculture, and has been working with large animals since college.

Beginning with Bently Ranch in 2003, Tod worked on the Cowboy Crew. Now he manages the large composting operation, and cares for the cattle that are sold to the commodity market and that become our delicious grass fed beef.